What to wear:

-Level I students (Adults & youth) - Leggings & FITTED shirt and/or leotard. (NO T-SHIRTS unless over a leotard) If the shirt is showing lots of stomach when upside down, its too big. 

--Level II & III students (Adults & youth) - Leggings & leotard (can be dance or gymnastics leotards). Layers may be worn on top but students should feel comfortable removing layers depending on the skill they are working on. (i.e. barrel rolls, windmills, etc where extra clothing could get tangled)

--Shorts and/or sport bras only will no longer be allowed even in hot weather. 

We kindly ask that all jewelry be removed before class and clothing  free of buttons, zippers or any object that can snag the fabric. We want to keep you safe and comfortable! 

Class Tuition:

Group Class: $63 per month for a weekly 1 hour class

10% discount for each additional class and/or siblings

Workshops: $20 per hour, $30 per hour and half

Private Lessons: $65 per hour,  $35 per half hour

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 particpants): $45/participant  per hour

Annual registration: $25 student/$45 family

Once you register and pay for a class you will be automatically enrolled in the following month. Enroll at anytime during the month and your tuition is pro-rated. Payment is due by the 1st.

Sign up for autopay with a credit card for the added convenience!

Private School/Homeschool Partnerships

ESA is proudly partnered with Berrien Springs Virtual Academy Partnership, Niles Homeschool Partnership, and Lighthouse Connection Academy

Please let us know if you are a student of one of these (or one we don’t know about yet) programs and would like to sign up through your partnership to have all tuition paid by them.